Fort Collins Colorado Police Department

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Fort Collins Colorado Police Department.jpg
  • Fort Collins, Colorado is located in the north-central portion of the state, near the border with Wyoming.[1]
  • Population: 169,810 (2020), making it the fourth most populous city in the state.[1]
  • Officers: 230[2]

Body Camera Policy

In August 2012, 20 officers were equipped with body-worn cameras.

By 2018, all uniformed officers were issued cameras.

By the end of 2022, the department plans for all officers to be issued cameras.

Technology Unknown
Pre-Event Buffer Unknown
Activation The policy identifies 10 different situations when cameras must be activated, from traffic stops to contact with suspicious persons. Officers are "expected to use discretion and common sense when activating and deactivating" the cameras.
Schedule The policy covers "duty-related incidents".
Victim/Witness Rights Officers have discretion to disable their cameras upon request.
Retention 7-180 days, or longer if evidence rules require.
Source Policy 446: Mobile Audio/Video Recorder Policy[3]



Policy Changes


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