Jerry Wood

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Service Record

Agency Kaufman County Texas Sheriff's Office
Rank Deputy, Sergeant (1998), Lieutenant (2007)[1]
Dates of Service 1996 - June 2017[1]
Salary $57,302 (2015)[2]
Last Known Status Separated
Agency Benton County Tennessee Sheriff's Office
Rank Deputy (2017), Sergeant (2018), Captain (2019).[1]
Dates of Service April 2017 - December 2020.[1]
Last Known Status Separated
Agency Van Zandt County Texas Sheriff's Office
Rank Lieutenant (2021), Captain (2021), Chief Deputy (2022).[1]
Dates of Service January 2021 - June 2022.[1]
Last Known Status Resigned[3]

Incident Reports

2022 False Statement

Response Timeline

In March 2022, Wood was indicted for giving a false statement to a peace officer during the investigation. Wood could face up to six months in jail on the misdemeanor charge.[4]

On May 20, 2022, the charges were dismissed. The District Attorney stated that the "interest of justice would be best served by protecting those future cases on behalf of victims and agreeing to dismiss the charges in exchange for resignation from the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office".[5]

LEO Ratings

Training and Tactics rating: neutral
Protect & Serve rating: bad
Individual Rights rating: neutral
Accountability and Integrity rating: bad
Off Duty rating: neutral
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