Paul Pappas

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Service Record

Edison New Jersey Police Department

Rank Patrolman
Dates of Service Hired in July 2003.[1]
Salary $108,736 (2017)[2]
Last Known Status Suspended[1]

Incident Reports

2007 Domestic Violence Incident

In October 2007, Pappas' wife called police to report that Pappas was flipping out, had punched a hole in the wall, had smashed a phone, and she feared being attacked.[3][4]

2007 Assault Complaint

Pappas was accused of grabbing a teenager at a football game and ramming him against a fence.[3]

Response Timeline

Pappas was exonerated by an internal investigation.[3]

2008 Assault of Delevan Du Bois

In June 2008, Pappas and Officer Christopher Sorber were accused of punching, kicking, and kneeing Du Bois after he failed to turn over a bottle of medication during a doctor's visit.[3]

Response Timeline

An initial internal investigation determined that the officers had used excessive force.[3]

A lawsuit was filed.[3]

An second internal investigation exonerated the officers.[3]

In February 2012, DuBois settled the lawsuit for $100,000.[3]

2009 Assault on Joao DeMatos

Police were called by DeMatos' wife, who feared he was going to drive his motorcycle while drunk. Pappas and Officer Anthony Sarni responded to DeMatos' house, where he claimed they assaulted him.[3][5]

Response Timeline

The officers were cleared after an internal investigation.[3]

On August 19, 2010, DeMatos filed a lawsuit, claiming he suffered a lacerated ear, numerous cuts and bruises, a mild brain injury, and broken bones in his face.[3][5]

On January 11, 2013, the lawsuit was settled.[5]

2016-2018 Racketeering

Response Timeline

On June 1, 2018, Sergeant Ioannis (John) Mpletsakis, Sergeant Brian Rossmeyer, Patrolman Gregory Makras, Patrolman James Panagoulakos, and Patrolman Paul Pappas were charged with two counts of official misconduct in the second degree and one count of theft by unlawful taking in the third degree.[6]

In June 2019, the officers were suspended without pay.[7]

On October 19, 2019, the officers were indicted by a grand jury and charged with two counts of official misconduct in the second degree, participation in a pattern of official misconduct in the second degree, financial facilitation of criminal activity in the second degree, conspiracy to commit the crime of financial facilitation of criminal activity in the second degree, theft by unlawful taking in the second degree, and theft by deception in the second degree.[8]

In October 17, 2019, Pappas pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree official misconduct, second-degree unauthorized access of computer system, third-degree conspiracy to distribute a controlled and dangerous substance, and fourth-degree stalking. Pappas faces four years in state prison.[9][10]

2017 Domestic Violence

On June 27, 2017, Pappas kicked down the front door of his ex-girlfriend's house.[9]

The incident was witnessed by multiple people.[9]

Response Timeline

Responding officers "declined to take any action or conduct an investigation, did not file a written report and sanitized Pappas’ name from the 'CAD' incident report".[9]

The Internal Affairs department was not notified.[9]

2018 Computer Crimes Arrest

From August 2017 to March 2018, Pappas accessed the New Jersey Criminal Justice Information System and used that information to stalk his ex-girlfriend.[11]

Response Timeline

Pappas was arrested and charged with second degree computer theft/criminal activity, and stalking.[11]

Pappas was suspended without pay. ‎

2018 Criminal Mischief Arrest

On March 20, 2018, Pappas slashed the tires on an ex-girlfriend's car while he was on-duty.[11]

The incident was captured on surveillance video.[9]

Response Timeline

Pappas' police privileges were removed.[11]

Pappas was charged with criminal mischief.[11] The ex-girlfriend was granted a restraining order against Pappas.[9]

Pappas was placed on administrative leave.[9]

In March 2020, the ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit against Pappas and the department.[9]

2019 Domestic Violence

Response Timeline

On March 8, 2019, Pappas was charged with violating a domestic violence restraining order.[1]

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