Terence Sutton

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Service Record

Agency Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia
Rank Officer[1]
Dates of Service Hired 2009[1]
Salary $73,609 (2017)[2]
Last Known Status Suspended[1]

Incident Reports

2020 Death of Karon Hylton-Brown

Department Response

Sutton has been on administrative leave since the crash. [1]

The department is planning to suspend Sutton and Andrew Zabavsky indefinitely without pay.[1]

Legal Action

On September 23, 2021, Sutton was indicted on a local charge of second-degree murder and federal charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.[3][4] Sutton pleaded not guilty to all charges and was given home detention.[5]

On October 20, 2021, the Hylton-Brown's family filed a $100 million lawsuit against the city and five officers, citing violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and seven violations of state law.[6]


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