Alivia Schwab (2023)

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News coverage with body-worn camera footage

On September 29, 2023, Morris Illinois Police Department officers Nicholas Pampinella and Casie Price were dispatched as Schwab had told her mental health case worker that she had a knife and was going to hurt herself.[1]

As the officers approached, Pampinella told Price to "go non-lethal". Price did not upholster her Taser or other non-lethal equipment as they approached.[1]

Schwab, seen with a knife and cell phone, ignored Pampinella's orders to drop the knife as she walked towards him. Pampinella ordered Price to tase Schwab, but Price did not have her Taser at the ready. Schwab started running towards Pampinella, who fired his handgun, striking Schwab.[1]

Schwab died at the scene.[2]

The incident was captured on the officers' body-worn cameras.[1]

On November 9, 2023, the county State's Attorney's Office determined that the use of deadly force was justified and did not file charges against the officers.[1]

On December 8, 2023, Schwab's son sued the officers and the city for Pampinella's violation of Schwab's Fourth Amendment rights and Price's failure to intervene.[1]

LEO Ratings has reached out to the department to see if they conducted an internal investigation into the shooting (12/12/2023).

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