Barry Yearout (2022)

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News report with body-worn camera footage

On April 16, 2022, Yearout's neighbor called the Princeton West Virginia Police Department to complain that Yearout had damaged her yard with his ATV. Detective Sean Severt, Officer Earl Leftwich and Patrolman Jones located Yearout inside his house. Yearout denied the allegation and told officers to leave his property, prompting officers to threaten to impound the ATV. Officers entered Yearout's house. Severt, who claimed that Yearout was armed with a baseball bat, fired, striking Yearout.[1]

Officers rendered aid until paramedics arrived.[2] Yearout died at the hospital.[1]

Part of the incident was captured on Leftwich's body-worn camera. Severt was not wearing a body-worn camera, in violation of agency policy.[1]

The West Virginia State Police opened an investigation.[2]

The agency cleared Severt of wrongdoing.[1]

On April 30, 2024, Yearout's family filed a lawsuit against the city, the Chief of Police, Severt, Leftwich, and another officer. The family claims that Severt destroyed his body-worn camera video to avoid civil and criminal responsibility.[3]

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