Charles Day (2020)

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In June 2020, Sallisaw Oklahoma Police Department officers responded to a report of a man with a gun. Not many details are available, but during the investigation, Charles Day's minor daughter was handcuffed.[1]

None of the Sallisaw officers activated their body-worn cameras, which is a violation of department policy. Video was captured on the body-worn camera of a Sequoyah County Sheriff's deputy.[1] Day and Lieutenant Billy Oliver exchanged words, and Oliver grabbed Day's wrist and put him in a choke hold before another officer helped put Day on the ground. Department policy does not allow use of choke holds.[2]

Day was arrested for misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.[3]

Charged against Day were dropped and the city reached an undisclosed settlement with him.[4]

A report filed by Officer Josh Rogers makes claims not supported by the video, including that Day screamed at Oliver, and then shoved him. Rogers also said that Oliver ordered Day to put his hands behind his back and Day did not comply, thereby causing officers to place him on the ground.[2]


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