Curtis McLaughlin Jr. (2021)

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On November 30, 2021, Baker County Florida Sheriff's Office Deputy Michael Bodkin approached McLaughlin, who was parked in the parking lot of a closed business, across the street from a fast food restaurant. McLaughlin started video recording the incident as Bodkin is receiving information about a valid ID over his radio. Bodkin acknowledges that McLaughlin is eating fast food, and explains his concern over some recent burglaries. Bodkin had called for a supervisor because he felt that his earlier questions had not been answered. While waiting, McLaughlin continued to eat the fast food.[1][2]

Corporal Heidi Haynes arrives, and McLaughlin shows her the fast food. Haynes states her confusion at McLaughlin's failure to provide his information, and states that she will be performing an investigation because he's "uncooperative for no reason" and in an "empty parking lot with closed businesses". As McLaughlin continues to eat, Haynes claims to not know why he was there or who he was, and claims that the presence of the food "doesn't explain anything".

Sergeant Tyler Baldwyn arrives and speaks briefly with the other deputies before approaching McLaughlin. Baldwyn claims McLaughlin's behavior is loitering and prowling, and claims that ID must be provided on request. McLaughlin refuses to answer any more questions, and Baldwyn moves away while Bodkin reads McLaughlin his Miranda rights. Bodkin then opens the car door and demands that McLaughlin step out. The video ends at this point.

McLaughlin was arrested for loitering or prowling.[3]

On December 2, 2021, McLaughlin pleaded not guilty.[3]

On April 7, 2022, the charges were dropped.[4]

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