Dravon Ames (2019)

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On May 27, 2019, Phoenix Arizona Police Department Officer Christopher Meyer and an unnamed officer stopped Ames' vehicle after it left the scene of a shoplifting incident. Meyer removed Ames from the vehicle at gunpoint. After handcuffing Ames and leaning him against the vehicle, Meyer swept his leg and shouted obscenities at him. The other officer removed Ames' wife and children from the vehicle, also at gunpoint.[1]

Both Ames and his wife were handcuffed and detained, but were not arrested.[1] Ames was given a traffic citation for driving on a suspended license.[2]

Meyer was placed "on a non-enforcement assignment" while the second officer remained on patrol.[1]

On June 12, 2019, Ames announced plans to sue the department for $10 million for violating the family's civil rights and for injuries received by Ames and one of the children.[2]

On July 3, 2019, Tempe Arizona police released body-worn camera footage of Ames' arrest in October 2018 for two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and DUI. Ames claimed the release was part of a smear campaign against him.[3]

In August 2020, the City of Phoenix settled the incident with the family for $500,000.[4]

In 2020, the department's disciplinary review board recommended that Meyer receive a six-week unpaid suspension. The Chief chose to fire Meyer. The second officer received a written reprimand.[5]

In 2020, the city’s Civil Service Board upheld Meyer’s termination.[6]

Meyer appealed the decision to fire him.[7]

In 2021, the city's Civil Service Board upheld Meyer's termination, finding that he had been "incompetent or inefficient" as well as "abusive or threatening".[8]


Part of the incident was captured on cell phone video.[9]

A second cell phone video was also posted.[10]

At the time of the incident, not all officers in the department had body-worn cameras.[11]

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