Glen Stewart (2020)

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On November 7, 2020, Louisiana State Police Trooper Caleb Loftin stopped Stewart for driving 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. While Stewart looked in his glovebox for the vehicle's paperwork, Loftin believed that he saw a gun and drew his weapon. Stewart, claiming to be startled and frightened, left the scene and drove to his house, with Lofton in pursuit.[1]

After arriving at his house, Stewart exited the vehicle and put his hands in the air. Loftin held him at gunpoint until other officers arrived, including Senior Trooper Justin Morris. Stewart was handcuffed without incident and the officers were unable to locate a gun in the vehicle. Stewart claimed that Loftin, Morris, and two other officers pushed his head to the ground, lifted his handcuffed arms, punched, and Tased him.[1]

Stewart had trouble breathing due to asthma and requested his inhaler. Loftin allowed Stewart an insufficient dose, and Stewart passed out in the patrol car on the way to the jail.[1]

Stewart claims that he was unable to complete a Breathalyzer test due to asthma issues. Morris reported that Stewart had refused the test and failed all the sobriety tests that had been performed. Stewart claimed to have not been drinking.[1]

On October 27, 2021, Stewart sued Loftin, Morris, and other members of the Louisiana State Police and the Richland Parish Sheriff's Office. Stewart alleged constitutional violations and police brutality.[1]


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