Jaahnavi Kandula (2023)

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Kevin Dave body-worn camera video
News report with in-vehicle camera video

On January 24, 2023, Seattle Washington Police Department Officer Kevin Dave was responding to a "high priority" call. Dave had activated his vehicle's lights, but the vehicle's siren was not on continuously. Dave momentarily activated the siren as he approached a crosswalk, where he struck Kandula. Dave was driving at 74 mph.[1] The speed limit is 25 mph in the area.[2]

Dave and other officers rendered aid before firefighters arrived.[2][3] Kandala died.[1]

When talking to other officers, Dave can be heard saying, "I fucked up".[1]

The incident was captured on Dave's body-worn camera.[1]

Auderer body-worn camera video

Officer Daniel Auderer, who is also a leader in the Seattle Police Officers Guild union, was dispatched to the scene to evaluate Dave for possible signs of impairment. As Auderer drove, he was discussing the incident on a phone call with the union's president, saying that they should just "write a check" for $11,000 as Kandula was young and "had limited value".[4]

Auderer's comments were captured on his body-worn camera.[4]

The Office of Police Accountability opened investigations into Dave and Auderer.[1][4]

The county Prosecuting Attorney's Office is conducting a criminal review of the incident.[4]

On September 28, 2023, Auderer was moved to "a non-operational position".[5]

On January 23, 2024, the Seattle Office of Police Accountability concluded that Auderer "violated SPD's professionalism and bias-based policing policies". A recommendation for discipline will be sent to the chief of police.[6]

On February 21, 2023, the King County Prosecutor's Office announced that they would not be bringing charges against Dave, having "determined that we lack sufficient evidence under Washington State law to prove a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt".[7]


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