Jon Siers (2020)

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On June 20, 2020, Siers' 14-year old daughter ("S.S.") slapped her 18-year old boyfriend in a parking lot before riding away on her bicycle. A witness called police, who responded. They interviewed the boyfriend, who declined to press charges. Loveland Colorado Police Department Officers Jeremiah Wood, Matt Sychia, and Evan Dunlap located S.S., who admitted to slapping her boyfriend. When the officers started to arrest S.S., the family dogs became agitated.[1]

Siers attempted to deal with the dogs. Sychia refused to allow it, and tased Siers for not complying. Sychia picked one dog up by its collar and put it in the house.[2]

Wood and Dunlap attempted to restrain S.S., who resisted. S.S. was arrested and charged with harassment, domestic violence, obstruction, and resisting arrest.[3]

Siers was arrested for obstructing and resisting arrest. When Siers complained, Sychia told Siers to "get over himself", that Siers was "ridiculous", and that "the Chief doesn't care what you have to say".[2]

The officers were wearing body-worn cameras, but some of the audio was muted.[1]

A neighbor told another officer that they saw Siers trying to restrain his dog when "an officer went berserk on him".[1]

Loveland Deputy Chief Eric Stewart determined that Sychia's actions "were reasonable, justified, and complied with Department Policy and law".[1]

The charges against Siers and his daughter were dismissed.[1][3]

The city hired a consulting firm to investigate.[3]

Siers filed a lawsuit against the department and the officers, claiming unreasonable seizure and excessive force, wrongful arrest, violation of due process, and malicious prosecution.[3]


The incident was captured on body-worn cameras and security cameras.

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