Jose Gutierrez (2022)

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On December 17, 2022, Hialeah Florida Police Department officers Lorenzo Orfila and Rafael Otano were dispatched to a business on a disturbance call. Orfila located Gutierrez, handcuffed him, and put him in the patrol car. The officers drove to an isolated location outside of their service area and beat Gutierrez until he was unconscious.[1]

When Gutierrez woke up, he was no longer handcuffed and the officers had left. Gutierrez met a man, who called 911.[1]

Orfila asked another officer to mark the original call as "no report".[1]

The Miami-Dade State Attorney stated that surveillance video showed no reason for Gutierrez to have been taken into custody.[1]

On January 26, 2023, Orfila and Otano were fired.[1]

On January 26, 2023, Orfila and Otano were charged with battery and kidnapping by a law enforcement officer. Orfila was also charged with official misconduct by a public servant.[1]


The officers did not activate their body-worn cameras during the incident. Part of the incident was captured on surveillance camera video.[1]

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