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What could you do if you had all the information about incidents involving police officers? Learn more about current events, law enforcement, media bias? See if your local agency has hired an officer that left another agency?

A huge study in The Yale Law Journal titled The Wandering Officer[1] found that Florida cops who had been fired from a previous law enforcement job were more likely to be fired from their next job or to receive a complaint for a “moral character violation,” compared to rookies and officers who have never been fired.

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A source you cited is behind a paywall. How can I read it?
We really try not to use a paywall'd page as a reference. All pages must be freely accessible, though some may require viewing in "Incognito Mode" (or similar). An exception are court documents, which may require a PACER subscription (which can be free below a certain threshold of usage).
Why don't all pages have pictures of the officers or civilians?
Pictures are not available for all incidents, and it is the policy of the site to not show troubled officers in uniform nor civilians after their police encounters.
Can I have my bot scrape your site?
If there's some value to us or the community, sure. If you run a paid product, probably not. If you don't set a User-Agent, absolutely not.
  1. Ben Grunwald, The Wandering Officer, The Yale Law Review, 2020-04