Najee Seabrooks (2023)

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Paterson police body camera video shows hours-long standoff before fatal shooting

On March 3, 2023, Seabrooks called the Paterson New Jersey Police Department several times, claiming that someone was threatening to kill him.[1]

Officers made contact with Seabrooks in an apartment, and he admitted that he was armed with a gun and knives. Over the next several hours, Seabrooks flooded his bathroom and set a fire.[1] Members of the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) and the Emergency Response Team (ERT) also responded.[2]

When Seabrooks once opened the door, officers Hector Mendez, Qiad Lin, and Mario Vdovjak fired 15 less-lethal projectiles at him.[2] Seabrooks asked to speak with his mother, and officers offered to take him to her. Seabrooks exited the bathroom while carrying a knife. ERT officer Anzore Tsay and Jose Hernandez Officers fired, striking Seabrooks.[2] Seabrooks died at the hospital.[1]

The state Attorney General's office opened an investigation as required under a 2019 state law.[1]


Parts of the incident were captured on 7 officers' body-worn cameras.[1]

Press Conference to Update Media on Paterson Police Department, 2027-03-27

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