Robert Bradley (2022)

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News report with body-worn camera video
News report with audio from neighbor's security camera

On September 4, 2022, Bradley was unloading his van after a camping trip. A neighbor who had a conflict with Bradley over property lines called a sergeant directly to report that Bradley was carrying an AR-15 style rifle. Spokane Washington Police Department officers Chris Johnson and Trevor Walker responded, walking up to Bradley's house. The officers identified themselves and Bradley started to exit the van. The officers shot Bradley, who died at the hospital.[1][2]

The incident was captured on body-worn cameras and a security cameras.[1]

A police briefing from the night of the incident reported that "shots were exchanged". An analysis of the gun found near Bradley showed that it had not been fired and no spent shell casings for the gun were found at the scene.[2][1]

The officers were placed on administrative leave.[2]

On March 9, 2023, the mother of Bradley's children filed a wrongful death lawsuit.[1]

On January 4, 2024, the Spokane Independent Investigative Response team concluded their investigation.[3]

In March 2024, the Spokane Prosecutor's Office reported that Bradley lunged into his vehicle to arm himself when the officers arrived, prompting the officers to shoot. After being shot, Bradley pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officers, who fired again. The use of force was determined to be justified as the officers were in fear for their lives.[3]

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