Sharell Brown (2019)

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On May 11, 2019, Chicago Illinois Police Department officers Robert Rhodes and Aaron David stopped Brown, who fit the "general description" of a suspect. After officers discovered that Brown was armed, he ran. Rhodes and witnesses stated that Brown pulled a handgun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the officers. Rhodes fired at Brown and called for backup before he lost sight of Brown.

Officer Joseph Lisciandrello arrived 15 minutes later and located Brown in a shaded alcove. Lisciandrello claimed to see a handgun, fired several rounds, and ordered Brown to drop his weapon. Brown did not comply, and Lisciandrello fired several more times.[1]

Brown was pronounced dead at the hospital.[1]

Rhodes' foot pursuit of Brown was captured by his body-worn camera.[1]

Lisciandrello had not turned on his body-worn camera and there were no direct witnesses to his role in the incident. No witnesses reported hearing Lisciandrello order Brown to drop his weapon, and it was not recorded by nearby officers' body-worn cameras.[1]

An investigation by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) found that Rhodes' actions were within department policies. COPA was unable to determine if Lisciandrello's actions were justified and recommended that he be suspended for a minimum of 180 days or terminated.[1]

The city's lawyers recommended a $1 million settlement to Brown's mother, but the finance committee has not put the settlement on their agenda.[2]

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