Lorena Gonzalez

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Service Record

Los Angeles County California Sheriff's Department

Rank Deputy
Dates of Service Hired approximately 2011.[1]
Salary $180,244 (2021)[2]
Last Known Status Active

Incident Reports

2023 Death of Christopher Mercurio

Critical Incident Briefing

On January 11, 2023, deputies responded to a call about a man who was sleeping in front of a store in a shopping center and refused to leave. Gonzalez contacted Mercurio, who continued to refuse to leave and threatened to kill her. Mercurio punched Gonzalez in the face and head before she was able to create space between them. Mercurio continued to approach Gonzalez and ignored multiple warnings that she would shoot him. Gonzalez shot Mercurio twice. Deputies rendered medical aid until paramedics arrived. Mercurio was pronounced dead at the hospital.[3]

The incident was captured on the shopping center's security system and the officer's body-worn camera.[4]

Response Timeline

The California Department of Justice will conduct an independent investigation of the shooting, which is customary for officer-involved shootings of unarmed individuals under California law.[3]

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