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From LEO Ratings is celebrating our 1-year anniversary of researching incidents involving law enforcement officers in the U.S. We've reported on 277 incidents involving 338 officers from 195 agencies in 42 states. Please help us by following, liking, commenting, retweeting/sharing, and telling a friend to spread the word!

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This site strives to be a single point of data for all public incident reports regarding law enforcement officers in the United States, including police shootings, other use of force, police accountability and reform, etc. We try to find all the information and have no agenda other than data! Use the site to learn more about current events, law enforcement, media bias, etc.

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Most recently published incidents:

Steven Selph (Altamonte Springs, FL)
2022 arrest for possession of child pornography.
Jacob Downs (Centerville, IA)
Explicit video, and 2022 firing.
Jeffrey Burrell (Lee County, FL)
2022 solicitation of a minor for sex, and arrest.
Jacob Bean (Adams County, WI)
2022 death of Bryon Childers, and investigation.
Martha Martinez (San Antonio, TX)
2021 misconduct, and 2022 termination.
Joseph Watts-Johnson (Erie, CO)
2021 forgery, and 2022 termination.
Wayne "Jarvis" Wallage (Lincoln, NE)
2022 domestic violence incident.
Nicholas Blocker (West Liberty, IA)
2022 firing for dishonesty.
Willie Murphy Jr. (Enfield, NC)
2020 arrest for embezzlement, and 2022 indictment for sexual exploitation of a minor.
Shaun Lucas (Wolfe City, TX)
2020 death of Jonathan Price, and 2022 murder trial.
Eric Ruch Jr. (Philadelphia, PA)
2017 shooting death, and 2022 murder trial.
Steven Smith (Topeka, KS)
2021 DUI, and resignation.
Rosemary Caudillo (San Antonio, TX)
2022 DUI arrest, and termination.
Stephen York (St. Petersburg, FL)
2022 shooting death of Cody Kiley.
Hakeem Rainey (Coral Springs FL)
2020 battery charges, and diversion program.

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