Eric Kilbourne

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Service Record

Agency: Troy Ohio Police Department
Rank: Patrolman
Dates of Service: Approximately 2003-2021. 17-year veteran on the Troy Police Department.[1]
Salary: $87,679 in 2017 according to public records.[2]
Last Known Status: Terminated.[1][3]

Incident Reports

2008 Use of Force

On a call, Kilbourne drew his Taser to gain compliance from a suspect and later charged the suspect with obstructing when they were within their rights to not respond.[4]

Department Response

Nov 4, 2008, received a letter of reprimand for use of force. Cited for making "poor decisions and violations of department policy". The letter also refers to "a number of [other] minor disciplinary issues" in 2008.[4]

2012 Use of Force

Incidents occurred on Dec 2 and Dec 6, 2012. One appears to be a traffic stop where the driver exited the car with a large flashlight and moved aggressively to Kilbourne. Another incident involves the detainment of a person in a house without prior investigation.[4]

Department Response

Dec 7, 2012, received a written consultation for issues with use of force/tactics. For the traffic stop, it was questioned if going "hands on" was the correct response.[4]

2017 Use of Force

Kilborne stopped someone who had previously fled, and hit him in the face during the arrest process.[4]

On a separate incident that was documented in the same memo, Kilborne took a handcuffed suspect to the ground, and was "baited into [an] argument".[4]

Department Response

On each of Jan 26 and Feb 21, 2017, Kilborne received a consultation for issue with use of force.

2020 Use of Force Reporting

No details of the incident were provided.

Department Response

Dec 27, 2020, received a consultation for issue with use of force reporting.[4]

2021 Insubordination

On February 26, 2021, Kilbourne displayed insubordinate conduct towards a sergeant during roll call.[4]

Department Response

April 15, 2021, Kilbourne received a written reprimand from Chief McKinney for violations of the city and police policy manuals.[4]

2021 Arrest of Jordan Hill

Department Response

April 30, 2021, Chief McKinney places Kilbourne on paid administrative leave during the investigation.[4]

May 4, 2021, Captain Kunkleman interviews Kilbourne, who feels that he was attempting to control Hill, and that any injuries or complications were due to equipment being stored in the area.[4]

May 19, 2021, Captain Kunkleman delivered an internal investigation report to Chief McKinney. He calls Kelbourne's actions, "ridiculously unnecessary and unjustified", and often "punitive". He also described Lay's interview statements as "not... forthright or reliable". [4]

May 27, 2021, Chief McKinney met with Kilbourne and his union representative and advised him that he was considering suspending Kilbourne after receipt of Captain Kunkleman's internal investigation report. Kilbourne refused the opportunity to review the report and videos and offered no explanation for his actions. Chief McKinney placed Kilbourne on unpaid suspension, effective May 28, 2021, for violating four city policies and nine police department policies.[4]

May 28, 2021, City Director Titterington received a Note of Suspension for Kilbourne from Chief Shawn McKinney and recommended firing Kilbourne.[4]

June 1, 2021, a pre-discipline hearing was held, to give Kilbourne an opportunity to response to the charges filed in the Notice of Suspension. A report of the hearing was prepared.[4]

June 1, 2021, Kilbourne was fired for a series of alleged city and police department policy violations including use of excessive force, conduct unbecoming, malfeasance in office, and not submitting truthful and complete reports.[1]. A pattern of similar misconduct was noted.[4]

Legal Action

August 2021, grand jury handed up the indictments following an investigation into the incident by Piqua police, at the request of Troy Police Chief Shawn McKinney. A special prosecutor, James Miller of Buckley King in Dayton, was appointed to handle the review of the investigation and present information to a grand jury.[1]

September, 2021 - Kilbourne was indicted by a Miami County (Ohio) grand jury on misdemeanor charges of assault and interfering with civil rights[1]

On Sept. 1, 2021, Kilbourne pleaded not guilty to both charges during arraignment. He requested a jury trial.[1]

On October 27, 2021, Kilbourne made a provisional guilty plea to a charge of disorderly conduct, amended from interfering with civil rights. The assault charge was dismissed. Kilbourne will enter a diversion program, which includes an anger management program and counseling. Upon completion of the program, the disorderly conduct charge would be dismissed.[5]


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