Matt Schneider

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Service Record

Agency: Glendale Arizona Police Department
Rank: Officer
Dates of Service: ended in 2020
Salary: $129,273 in 2018[1]
Last Known Status: Retired[2]

Schneider won multiple awards from the police chief and represented Glendale twice on the TV show Cops.[3]

August 21, 2019, Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board unanimously voted to initiate proceedings against Schneider's police officer certification.[4]

Before retiring[5], Schneider forfeited his license. This action was noted by the Arizona POST board in June, 2020.[6]

In March 2020, Glendale’s city pension board approved Schneider’s early retirement for an accidental disability claim, though he was not on leave at the time. Details about the nature of his disability are confidential.[2][7]

Incident Reports

2005 School Bus Incident

A 2005 performance review for Schneider shows that he was disciplined for an incident where he "commandeered" an occupied school bus during a potentially dangerous situation.

His supervisor, Sgt. Rick St. John, who became Glendale's police chief, wrote praise in the same review for "thinking outside the box."

2005 Unbecoming Conduct

Schneider was investigated for Unbecoming Conduct.[8]

Department Response

On November 26, 2005, received a Letter of Counsel after being investigated for Unbecoming Conduct.[8]

2008 Failure to Follow Orders

Schneider had an incident where he failed to follow department orders and directives.[8]

Department Response

On January 23, 2008, Schneider was suspended for one day.[8]

2008 Failure to Follow Orders

Schnieder was ordered by a supervisor to put away a knife he was fiddling with. As a result of ignoring the order, a co-worker was then cut severely by the knife.[9][10]

Department Response

On May 1, 2008, Schneider was suspended for one day.[8]

2008 Failure to Follow Directives

Schneider ordered the destruction of seized property held in evidence after a case against the person was dropped.[8]

Department Response

On June 26, 2008, Schneider is suspended for one day.[8]

2016 The Chair Incident

Schneider's 2018 disciplinary action also vaguely describes a "significant event" called the "Chair Incident" that was "never fully investigated at the time as it should have been."[11][10]

2017 Arrest of Johnny Wheatcroft

During the initial engagement with Wheatcroft, Schneider incorrectly asserts that, "if you’re a passenger in a vehicle, you need to have ID" and "I can take you down to the station and we can fingerprint you."

Department Response

On September 26, 2018, Schneider is suspended without pay for 30 hours as his actions in the incident were "unreasonable and unnecessary".[12]

Legal Action

September 9, 2021, criminal charges were brought by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office against Schneider. He was charged with three counts of aggravated assault — all Class 6 felonies.[2]

2018 Workplace Harassment

Schneider was said to create an "intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment" and engage in physical contact that was "prohibited harassment". He was described by his coworkers as a "bully".[11]

Department Response

On June 29, 2018, Schneider is given a written reprimand.[11]


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