Sean Essex

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Service Record

Agency Los Angeles County California Sheriff's Department
Rank Deputy
Salary $175,282 (2020)[1]
Last Known Status Administrative Leave[2]

Incident Reports

2006 Child Sexual Assault

In 2006, Essex was accused of sexual assault by a young girl.[3]

Response Timeline

Essex was not charged in the case at the time.[3]

2013-2022 Child Sexual Assaults

Essex was living with his romantic partner, a woman who had three daughters.[3]

In 2022, Essex was accused of sexual assault by the three daughters, who ranged in age from from 7 to 13, over a period of six years.[3]

Even after the couple had broken up, Essex would pick up the girls individually in his patrol car and abuse them.[3]

Response Timeline

In 2018, Essex was investigated by the Internal Affairs Division. After the investigation, Essex's bonus pay was removed.[3] Sources do not explicitly state that the investigation was related to child abuse.

On April 8, 2022, Essex was arrested.[3]

On August 9, 2022, Essex was charged with 18 counts of oral copulation of a child, 12 counts of lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14, two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14, and one count of possession of material depicting a child sex act. The charges include the assaults against the three sisters and the girl from 2006. Essex faces multiple life sentences if convicted.[2]

Essex was placed on administrative leave without pay.[2]

LEO Ratings

Training and Tactics rating: neutral
Protect & Serve rating: neutral
Individual Rights rating: neutral
Accountability and Integrity rating: bad
Off Duty rating: neutral
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