Anthony Medina (2021)

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In July 2021, Daytona Beach Florida Police Department Officer Kierstin Rowland stopped Medina for suspicion of DUI. Officers took Medina to the police station for a Breathalyzer test administered by Officer Marville Tucker. Medina yelled slurs at Tucker, and when Medina tried to stand up from a chair, Tucker pushed him back down and put his hands around Medina's neck. Medina stood up again, and Tucker grabbed him by the neck, pushed him back into the chair, and then forced his head below his waist.[1]

Medina refused the Breathalyzer test, and continued to yell at Tucker. Tucker grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back a few feet into a patrol car. Later, Medina kicked Tucker, prompting the officers to take Medina to the ground where Tucker and Officer Jorge Pauth punched him several times.[1]

The incident was captured on officers' body-worn cameras and the department's surveillance system.[1]

On December 28, 2021, Tucker was fired for violating 6 department standards, including ethics, use of force, professional conduct, and destroying department morale.[2]

Pauth was fired.[1]

Pauth appealed his termination, and was reappointed through mediation.[1]

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