Austin Heiselman (2023)

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Critical Incident Community Briefing 23-7715

On February 10, 2023, Fullerton California Police Department officers attempted to stop Heiselman, who was a suspect in an earlier armed robbery. Heiselman dropped off a passenger before leading police on a chase, during which he waved a handgun out of his vehicle's window. Heiselman ran a red light, crashed into another vehicle, and fled on foot. Heiselman turned towards the officers and assumed a "shooting stance", which prompted officers Nicholas Ashman, Mathew Green, Joshua Walker, and Juan Arenas to fire.[1]

Officers rendered aid before paramedics arrived. Heiselman died at the scene.[2]

Heiselman was found to be unarmed at the time of the shooting. Two replica handguns were found in Heiselman's vehicle.[2]

During the chase, Heiselman's father called a different agency and reported that his son wanted "to die by suicide by cop".[1]

The Fullerton and La Habra police departments opened investigations.[2]

The California Department of Justice will conduct an independent investigation of the shooting, which is required under state law for officer-involved shootings of unarmed individuals.[3]


On March 27, 2023, the agency released video from a police helicopter and the officers' body-worn cameras as part of a community briefing.[1]

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