Christian Torrez (2023)

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Critical Incident Community Briefing

On April 7, 2023, the Oxnard California Police Department received reports of a man threatening people with a knife. Sergeant Todd Johnson and officers Jarrod Sheffield, Randi Vines, Dan Casse, and Kyle Hay responded and found Torrez inside a pickup truck that belonged to someone else. Officers ordered Torrez from the truck, and he exited after approximately five minutes. Torrez was carrying some clothes and a knife. Officers ordered Torrez to drop the knife as he continued to walk toward them. Johnson deployed a Taser, which had little effect. Vines fired a less-than-lethal "bean bag" round at Torrez, who fell to the ground. As Torrez rose from the ground, Sheffield fired his handgun, striking Torrez several times.[1]

Officers rendered aid until EMS arrived. Torrez died at the hospital.[1]

Sheffield was placed on paid administrative leave.[2]

The department will conduct criminal and administrative investigations in parallel with the District Attorney's office.[1]


The incident was captured on several officers' body-worn cameras and a resident's security camera.

On April 17, 2023, the department released a Critical Incident Community Briefing video.[1]

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