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Service Record

Metropolitan Nashville Tennessee Police Department

Rank Officer, Sergeant (2023)[1]
Dates of Service Hired May 1, 2008.[2]
Salary $85,397 (2021)[3]
Last Known Status Active

Coon is also referred to as Kendall Coon.

Incident Reports

2010 Suspension

Response Timeline

In October 2010, Coon was suspended for one day.[2]

2011 Suspension

Response Timeline

In March 2011, Coon was suspended for one day.[2]

2011 Suspension

Response Timeline

In September 2011, Coon was suspended for one day.[2]

2012 Policy Violations

On August 14, 2012, Coon and other officers were investigating a robbery/carjacking and attempted to make contact with a resident. A man appeared and pointed a gun at officers. Officers ordered the man to drop the weapon, and he complied. Coon pulled the man from the house and handcuffed him. Coon and Officer Tomes swept the house for additional occupants.[4]

No charges were filed against the homeowner.[2]

Officers must meet a higher standard before entering a house.[4]

Response Timeline

The homeowner filed a complaint against Coon for conducting a home invasion, handcuffing and physically assaulting him, and breaking his door.[2]

Coon was suspended for two days for demonstrating inefficiency, negligence, or incompetence in the performance of duties.[4]

2012 Suspension

Response Timeline

In September 2012, Coon was suspended for one day.[2]

2013 Suspension

Response Timeline

Coon pleaded guilty to the internal charges.[2]

In June 2013, Coon was suspended for one day.[2]

2013 Suspension

Response Timeline

In August 2013, Coon was suspended for two days.[2]

2023 Death of Mark Capps

Critical Incident Briefing

On January 5, 2023, Capps held his wife and stepdaughter at gunpoint for several hours.[4] When Capps fell asleep, the women escaped and contacted the police.[5] The police obtained arrest warrants for Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Kidnapping.[6]

When police approached the house, Capps opened the door, armed with a handgun. Coon told Capps to drop the weapon and fired his rifle, claiming that "Capps' movements posed an immediate imminent threat".[7]

Police and medical personnel rendered aid. Capps died at the scene.[6]

The incident was captured on multiple officers' body-worn cameras and a cell phone camera. Footage from one camera has been released.[4][6]

Response Timeline

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) opened an investigation.[5]

In May 2023, the District Attorney asked the TBI to close their investigation, declaring the shooting to be "reasonably necessary under the facts and circumstances" and stated that no charged would be filed.[8]

On October 30, 2023, Capp's widow filed a lawsuit against the city and Coon, claiming the use of excessive and unreasonable force.[9]

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