Shawn Foutch (2022)

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News report with in-vehicle video
News report with in-vehicle video

On August 12, 2022, Foutch was driving a semi truck on the interstate. Washington State Patrol (WSP) Trooper Phirawat Apisit attempted to start a rolling slowdown, but swerved in front of Foutch's truck and was struck.[1][2]

The incident was captured on Apisit's and Foutch's in-vehicle cameras.[3]

Troopers Regan Klepac and Timothy Whales said they "sensed a strong odor of intoxicants" from Foutch. Sergeant T.J. Johnson also claimed to smell intoxicants. Breath and blood tests showed zero alcohol in Foutch's system.[1][2]

Johnson called a WSP collision technician to investigate the accident. The investigator concluded that the accident was Apisit's fault and discouraged Johnson from citing Foutch.[2]

Johnson cited Foutch for negligent driving.[2]

An unnamed lieutenant who supervised Johnson told him to drop the charge against Foutch.[2]

The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) found that Johnson violated codes of both conduct and ethics, and was insubordinate.[2]

In 2023, prosecutors dropped the charge against Foutch.[2]

In May 2023, Johnson was placed on "administrative reassignment".[4]

The agency decided to demote Johnson to trooper, with a reduction in pay.[2]

The unnamed lieutenant did not follow up with Johnson, and OPS cited and reprimanded him for failing to take appropriate action.[2]

Apisit was cited for Inappropriate Vehicle Operation and was given 10 hours of additional driver training.[2]

In 2023, Johnson resigned before he was demoted.[2]

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