Paterson New Jersey Police Department

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Paterson New Jersey Police Department.png
  • Patterson, New Jersey is located in the northern part of the state.[1]
  • Population: 159,732 (2020), making it the third-most-populous city in New Jersey[1]
  • Officers: 400[2]

Body Camera Policy

In 2015, the city received $10,000 from the state to purchase 20 body cameras, but did not do so.[3]

On December 29, 2020, Paterson started a 90-day trial program for the use of body-worn cameras.[4]

Video policy will follow guidelines set by the New Jersey Attorney General's office.[4]

As of November 2021, cameras have been issued to about 35% of approximately 400 officers. The city plans to use a federal grant to equip the rest of the department over the next few years.[5]



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