Shantel Arnold (2021)

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On September 20, 2021, a Jefferson Parish Louisiana Sheriff's Office Deputy believed to be Julio Alvarado encountered Shantel Arnold, who was walking down the road after previously being assaulted by boys in her neighborhood. Arnold refused to speak with Alvarado. According to witnesses, Alvarado exited his vehicle, grabbed Arnold, and threw her to the ground. Part of the encounter was captured on cell-phone video.[1]

Deputies on the scene called an ambulance, which took Arnold to a local hospital. She was not charged with a crime.[1]

In September 2022, the Sheriff's Office determined that Alvarado's actions were "both reasonable and acceptable" because of Alvarado's belief that Arnold was intoxicated and because her skin was slippery.[2]


Witness cell-phone video

At the time of the incident, the Sheriff’s Office did not use body cameras.[1]

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