Abdul Pridgen

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Service Record

Fort Worth Texas Police Department

Rank Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief (2009)[1]
Dates of Service 26 years[2]
Salary $150,221 (2017)[3]
Last Known Status Resigned[4]

Seaside California Police Department

Rank Chief[2]
Dates of Service March 1, 2018[1] - August 13, 2021.[5]
Salary $261,932 (2021)[6]
Last Known Status Resigned[5]

San Leandro California Police Department

Rank Chief[2]
Dates of Service September 13, 2021[2] - February 20, 2024[7]
Last Known Status Separated[7]

Incident Reports

2016 Arrest of Jacqueline Craig

Body Cam footage

In December 2016, Fort Worth Texas Police Department Officer William Martin responded to an incident where Craig claimed that a man had assaulted her son. Martin got into an argument with Craig, and arrested her for resisting arrest and outstanding traffic warrants. Martin arrested Craig's two daughters for interference.[8][9]

The incident was captured on Martin's body-worn camera and witnesses' cell phone cameras.[8]

Response Timeline

An investigation determined that Pridgen and Deputy Chief Vance Keyes leaked the body-worn camera footage.[8]

In 2017, Pridgen and Keyes were placed on restricted duty.[8]

On May 19, 2017, Pridgen and Keyes were demoted to captain.[8]

2023 Policy Violations

Allegations were made against Pridgen "regarding department policy violations".[10]

Response Timeline

On September 8, 2023, Pridgen was placed on administrative leave.[10]

An outside company was hired to conduct an investigation.[10]

On February 20, 2024, Pridgen separated from the agency. No details were provided.[7]

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