Calvin Wilks Jr. (2021)

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On October 14, 2021, the Crestview Florida Police Department received a call reporting a person screaming, "stop, please stop". When officers Brandon Hardaway, William Johns, and Evan Reynolds arrived, Wilks answered the door. Wilks claimed to not be the homeowner, and provided "misleading information" about the location of the homeowner. Police reported that Wilks became combative and resisted arrest by pulling away and kicking the officers. Wilks was shot with a stun gun in the hip and restrained.[1][2]

The family claims that Wilks was tased five times and that the officers waited before rendering aid.[1]

Wilks became unresponsive while being assessed by paramedics and he was taken to the hospital, where he died the next day.[1]

In March 2022, the officers were placed on administrative duty.[1]

On June 6, 2022, a grand jury indicted the officers for manslaughter. The case goes to a state attorney for prosecution. If convicted of manslaughter - a second-degree felony - the officers could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.[3]

The officers were suspended during the criminal proceedings.[1]


The incident was recorded by the officers' body-worn cameras.[1]

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