Derrick Clark (2022)

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Trooper Cole's Body-Worn and In-Vehicle Camera Footage
News report with additional video footage

On June 18, 2022, police claimed to see a vehicle swerve as it exited a bar's parking lot. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, which fled. Clackamas County Oregon Sheriff's Office Deputy Daniel Ferguson forced the vehicle into a ditch. Oregon State Police Trooper Zachary Cole, who had joined the pursuit, pinned the vehicle into the ditch, and ordered the driver to exit at gunpoint. Clark exited the vehicle with a gun in his hand and started running away. Cole and Ferguson fired, striking Clark, who ran farther into the woods before officers lost him.[1]

Approximately 30 minutes after the shooting, responding officers used a thermal drone to locate Clark, who was not moving and was seen in a pool of blood.[1]

The SWAT team arrived and threw a series of three explosive devices at Clark, who didn't move.[1]

Oregon City Oregon Police Department Officer Alexander Mawson, who was driving one of the SWAT vehicles, can be heard saying, "this ole boy is dead".[1]

Approximately two hours after the shooting, a K9 was sent in to bite Clark.[1]

Clark died at the scene.[2]

The incident was captured on in-vehicle cameras, body-worn cameras, and the drone's camera. Ferguson was not wearing a body-worn camera.[1]

The Clackamas Interagency Major Crimes Team opened an investigation.[2]

On November 28, 2022, a grand jury declined to indict Ferguson or Cole for the shooting.[2]

Clark's family filed a lawsuit against 26 officers, the county, and the Oregon City Police Department.[1]

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