Douglas Wall

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Service Record

Gilford New Hampshire Police Department

Rank Field Training Officer, Patrolman First Class (2014)[1], Sergeant (2022)[2]
Dates of Service Hired November 2000[3]
Salary $111,892 (2022)[4]
Last Known Status Active[5]


2002 Unit Action Award

In 2002, Wall and other officers received Unit Action Awards from the Gilford Board of Selectmen.[6]

2013 Officer of the Year

Wall was recognized as Officer of the Year by the Gilford Police Department.[7]

Incident Reports

2023 Death of Mischa Pataski-Fay

News report with body-worn camera video

On January 1, 2023, Pataski-Fay's mother called police, as she felt Pataski-Fay had armed himself with a knife and that her husband was in jeopardy. Wall and Officer Nathan Ayotte responded. The officers encountered Pataski-Fay, who approached them with the knife. Wall fired his handgun, striking Pataski-Fay. Ayotte fired his Taser at almost the same time, which was ineffective.[5]

Officers rendered aid until paramedics arrived. Pataski-Fay died at the hospital.[5]

The incident was captured on officers' body-worn cameras.[5]

Response Timeline

In February 2023, the department's investigation found "no wrongdoing" and the officers returned to active duty.[8]

On January 25, 2024, the state Attorney General ruled that the shooting was justified.[5]

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