Gary Gamarra

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Service Record

New Haven Connecticut Police Department

Rank Officer
Dates of Service Ended December 18, 2020[1]
Salary $77,189 (2019)[2]
Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Incident Reports

2019 Sexual Assault of "CD"

In the fall of 2019, Gamarra caught "CD" engaging in a sexual act for money. He didn't arrest "CD", but said she "owed him". Gamarra had not activated his body-worn camera. Days later, they met again while Gamarra was driving his own car. He reminded her of the earlier incident and warned her of future harassment. "CD" performed a sex act with him.[3]

Response Timeline

In November 2019, the internal affairs department began investigating Gamarra.[1]

2020 Sexual Assault of "AB"

Gamarra responded to a dispute between "AB" and a male friend.[1] Gamarra repeatedly stopped "AB" on later occasions.[4]

In July 2020, Gamarra ordered "AB" into his personal car, which she felt obligated to do "because he was an officer". Gamarra drove to another location, where they had intercourse.[1]

Response Timeline

In July 2020, a second investigation was opened. "AB" stated that she felt that she didn't have a choice but to have sex with him.[1]

Gamarra initially denied having sexual contact with either woman, but eventually admitted to both encounters, claiming the sex was consensual.[1]

The internal investigations concluded that Gamarra violated departmental rules of conduct concerning principles and procedures.[4]

On December 18, 2020, Gamarra resigned.[1]

On December 28, 2020, Gamarra attempted to rescind his resignation.[1]

On March 29, 2021, the department requested that the Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council revoke Gamarra's certification.[3]

In April 2021, the State's Attorney's office dismissed the cases, citing insufficient evidence.[3]

The POST Council voted to revoke Gamarra's certification, preventing him from being an officer in the state.[1] Gamarra was the first officer to be permanently barred for "general misconduct" under a state police accountability law passed in 2020.[5]


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