Jacob Forgey

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Service Record

Miami County Indiana Sheriff's Office

Rank Deputy[1]
Dates of Service Approximately 2019 - 2022.[1]
Salary $47,725 (2021)[2]
Last Known Status Separated

West Lafayette Indiana Police Department

Rank Officer
Dates of Service June 28, 2022.[1] - February 2024.[3]
Salary $77,288 (2023)[4]
Last Known Status Resigned[3]

Incident Reports

2023 Misconduct

In November 2023, Forgey suspected that people were smoking marijuana on the balcony of a frat house. Forgey faked a warrant to gain entrance to the house.

Response Timeline

In February 2024, an investigation was opened.[3]

In February 2024, Forgey resigned.[3]

Forgey admitted that he had created a false search warrant.[3]

Forgey was charged with felony counts of official misconduct and counterfeiting.[3]

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