Jake Thorne

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Service Record

Macomb County Michigan Sheriff's Office

Rank Deputy
Last Known Status Active

Incident Reports

2023 Wellness Check

News report with body-worn camera footage

In February 2023, Thorne was dispatched to a report of a man passed out in his car. The man was conscious, and described himself as "feeling down", "in need of a break", and "too stressed" to continue driving to work.[1][2]

When Thorne asked the man if there was "anything I can do to help you", the man replied, "I could use a hug". Thorne agreed, and the man got out of his car to embrace Thorne.[1]

Thorne gave the man contact information for local resources. Thorne and Deputy Fred Parisek spent about 20 minutes talking with the man and offered that he could call them directly if he needed help.[1]

The incident was captured on Thorne's body-worn camera. ‎

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