Jeffrey Maddrey

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Service Record

New York City New York Police Department

Rank Officer (1991), Sergeant (February 1998), Lieutenant (March 2001), Captain (May 2003), Deputy Inspector (December 2006), Inspector (November 2008), Deputy Chief (December 2011), Assistant chief (March 2015)[1][2], Patrol Borough Commanding Officer (2006)[3], Chief of Community Affairs (2020)[1], Chief of Department
Dates of Service Hired in April 1991.[4]
Salary $241,256 (2023)[5]
Last Known Status Active


2022 First Responders Children's Foundation

On October 28, 2022, Maddrey and other first responders received awards from the First Responders Children's Foundation.[6]

The Foundation's website pictures Maddrey as receiving the award, but does not name him.[7]

2023 AAU Humanitarian of the Year

In September 2023, Maddrey was named the Humanitarian of the Year by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) "for his outstanding service and dedication to the AAU and the AAU Urban Initiative Program".[8]

Incident Reports

1995 Policy Violations

In March 1995, Maddrey and another officer were alleged to have used force to drag or pull someone, abused their authority through a threat of arrest, and were discourteous by cursing.[9]

Response Timeline

In March 1995, the allegations were substantiated, meaning that the "conduct occurred and it violated the rules". No recommendation for punishment was made.[9]

2015 Policy Violations

Maddrey, who is married, was allegedly involved with Tabatha Foster, a subordinate police officer.[10]

In December 2015, Foster pulled a loaded weapon on Maddrey, claiming concern that Maddrey would assault her during an argument. Responding officers witnessed the incident.[10]

Maddrey dismissed the responding officers and did not report the incident.[10]

Response Timeline

The Police Commissioner docked Maddrey for 45 days of vacation time for engaging in a physical altercation, failing to report the incident to a supervisor, and impeding the investigation.[10][4]

In 2016, Foster sued Maddrey and the city.[2] Maddrey filed a countersuit, accusing Foster of lying about the relationship and that she had threatened to kill Maddrey and his family.[10]

2021 Abuse of Authority

News report with video footage

On November 24, 2021, three boys were playing with a basketball in front of a store and dislodged a security camera. Kruythoff Forrester, whose family owned the store and who is a retired police officer who worked under Maddrey, chased and pointed a gun at the boys. One of the boys called 911 to report the incident. A responding officer arrested Forrester.[11]

Maddrey went to the jail and ordered the arrest be voided.[12]

Part of the incident was captured on multiple surveillance cameras. Responding officers' body-worn cameras and jail security cameras captured details of Forrester's arrest and release.

Response Timeline

The Internal Affairs Bureau investigation found no wrongdoing by Maddrey.[11]

A criminal investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office found no laws had been broken.[12]

On April 14, 2023, the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) found that Maddrey abused his authority by working "to disregard the facts established" during the arrest and recommended that Maddrey be docked up to 10 days' pay for intervening in the arrest. The NYPD Commissioner agreed with the recommendation, but soon resigned after pushback from the Mayor.[12][11][13][14]

Maddrey rejected the punishment, and requested an administrative trial in front of a hearing officer, who would make a recommendation to the new Commissioner.[11]

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