Jorge Oceguera-Rocha

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Service Record

Riverside County California Sheriff's Department

Rank Correctional Deputy
Dates of Service Hired April 2019[1]
Salary $119,952 (2022)[2]
Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Incident Reports

2023 Drug Trafficking

Jorge Oceguera-Rocha booking photo
Jorge Oceguera-Rocha

On September 17, 2023, Oceguera-Rocha was stopped while driving and found to be in the possession of a large quantity of narcotics, including 104 pounds of fentanyl.[1]

Response Timeline

On September 17, 2023, Oceguera-Rocha was arrested on suspicion of transportation of drugs in excess of 44 pounds, possession of narcotics, and possession of controlled substances while armed.[1]

Oceguera-Rocha resigned.[1]

The Assistant United States Attorney's office rejected a federal indictment.[1]

On September 25, 2023, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office charged Oceguera-Rocha with felonies for possession of narcotics for sale and transportation with the intent to distribute narcotics, and an enhancement of possession of a firearm while in commission of those crimes. Oceguera-Rocha faces up to 10 years in jail.[3]

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