Keshawn Thomas (2022)

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News report with body-worn camera video

On August 28, 2022, Albuquerque New Mexico Police Department officers Dustin Ketchum and Marcos Flores responded to a welfare check call at a gas station. Officers found Thomas passed out in a car with the engine off. Officers woke Thomas and had him step out of the car. Thomas admitted to drinking, but officers could not charge him with drunk driving.[1][2][3] Officer Kenneth Skeens arrived as backup.[4]

Officers allowed Thomas to return to the vehicle to retrieve his cell phone and call someone to pick up the car. The officers claimed that Thomas grabbed a gun and the officers fired, striking Thomas.[1]

Thomas died at the hospital.[5]

A loaded gun was found on the floorboard of the car. No cell phone was found.[4]

The incident was captured on the officers' body-worn cameras.[3]

The department and the Multi-Agency Task Force opened investigations.[3]

The department's Internal Affairs Force Division investigation found that the officers violated department policies. Skeens violated the de-escalation policy and was suspended for 8 hours. Flores and Ketchum violated policies regarding rendering aid, de-escalation, and conducting a preliminary investigation and were each given a written reprimand. The investigation found the shooting to be "necessary, reasonable, minimal and proportional pursuant the perceived imminent and immediate threat".[3]

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, the department, the chief, and the three officers.[1]

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