Kyle Blankenship

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Service Record

Lexington Kentucky Police Department

Rank Officer
Salary $70,748 (2021)[1]
Last Known Status Suspended[2]

Incident Reports

2022 Policy Violations

Blankenship would seize drugs and personal items during traffic stops and other investigations, but failed to log the items or enter them into evidence.[2]

On May 5, 2022, Blankenship brought his department vehicle to the repair yard for maintenance. The evidence was discovered in the trunk of the vehicle.[2]

A drug test given to Blankenship was negative.[2]

Response Timeline

The department opened an investigation and reviewed Blankenship's body-worn camera video from January 1 to May 2022. Police found other violations of orders and procedures.[2]

On September 8, 2022, Blankenship was suspended for three months.[2]

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