Mary O'Connor

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Service Record

Agency Madeira Beach Florida Police Department
Dates of Service Approximately 1992-1994.[1]
Last Known Status Separated
Agency Tampa Florida Police Department
Rank Assistant Chief
Dates of Service Approximately 1994[1] - 2016[2]
Last Known Status Retired[2]
Agency Tampa Florida Police Department
Rank Chief[3]
Dates of Service March 25, 2022[3] - December 5, 2022.[4]
Last Known Status Resigned[4]

Incident Reports

1995 Arrest

On May 26, 1995, O'Connor (then Mary Minter) was riding in a vehicle being driven by fellow officer and her future husband Keith O'Connor when it was stopped for DUI. A deputy attempted to perform a sobriety test, and Mary O'Connor became "loud and argumentative". While restrained and seated in the patrol car, she kicked the window and later punched the investigating officer.[1][5]

O'Connor was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction, and disorderly intoxication.[1]

Response Timeline

O'Connor pleaded no contest.[1]

Adjudication of her guilt was withheld after O'Connor wrote a letter of apology.[2]

Both officers were suspended.[1]

Both officers were fired.[1]

In 1996, O'Connor was rehired.[6]

2022 Vehicle Stop

News report with body-worn camera footage

On November 12, 2022, O'Connor was riding in a golf cart that was being driven by her husband. Pinellas County Florida Sheriff's Office Deputy Larry Jacoby stopped them for not having a license plate tag. During the incident, O'Connor identified herself as the police chief and said, "I'm hoping you'll just let us go tonight". The deputy let the couple go without a citation.[7][8]

The incident was captured on the deputy's body-worn camera.[9]

Response Timeline

On December 2, 2022, O'Connor was placed on administrative leave.[7]

On December 5, 2022, O'Connor resigned.[4]

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