Rosemary Caudillo

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Service Record

San Antonio Texas Police Department

Rank Officer
Dates of Service 2005 - 2022.[1]
Salary $90,154 (2017)[2]
Last Known Status Suspended.[1]

Incident Reports

2022 DWI Arrest

Rosemary Caudillo booking photo
Rosemary Caudillo

On February 8, 2022, officers were called about a motorist on the side of the road and found Caudillo asleep in her vehicle.[1]

Caudillo refused to provide a breath sample. A warrant was obtained for a blood sample, which showed a BAC of .232, nearly three times the legal limit.[1]

Response Timeline

Caudillo was charged with driving while intoxicated.[1]

Caudillo was suspended without pay.[1]

On June 27, 2022, Caudillo received an "indefinite suspension", mostly equivalent to being fired.[1]

Caudillo appealed the ruling.[1]

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