Rosemary Goodman (2020)

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On June 18, 2020, Las Animas County Colorado Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Henry Trujillo and Officer Mikhail Noel were called to the hospital to transport Goodman to a mental health facility. Goodman, who is deaf, was accompanied by her boyfriend who could translate into American Sign Language (ASL). The officers were wearing masks, so Goodman was unable to attempt to read their lips. Multiple requests were made for an ASL translator.[1]

Noel refused to remove his mask, call a translator, or allow Goodman's boyfriend to translate. Agency policy requires that all transportees be handcuffed, which was not explained to Goodman before she was handcuffed. Noel ordered Goodman's boyfriend to leave the room. Goodman clung to her boyfriend while Noel and a security guard forcibly removed him from the room.[1]

Trujillo ordered the boyfriend to leave the hospital, and drew his Taser.[1]

Parts of the incident were captured on body-worn cameras.[1]

On June 15, 2022, Goodman and her boyfriend sued the agency, the county, and the officers, claiming the use of excessive force in violation of state and federal laws.[1][2]

In November 2022, a settlement was reached.[2]

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