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Service Record

Las Animas County Colorado Sheriff's Office

Dates of Service September 2001 - February 2002.[1]
Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Trinidad Colorado Police Department

Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Las Animas County Colorado Sheriff's Office

Dates of Service September 2005 - June 2009[1]
Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Las Animas County Colorado Sheriff's Office

Dates of Service May 2010 - January 2016[1]
Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Las Animas County Colorado Sheriff's Office

Rank Lieutenant (2018)[2]
Dates of Service September 1, 2017[3] - August 25, 2023[4]
Salary $68,901 (2022)[5]
Last Known Status Terminated[4]

Incident Reports

1997 Menacing with a Weapon

This incident occurred before Trujillo was a police officer.

Response Timeline

Trujillo was charged with felony Menacing with a Weapon.[1]

Trujillo pleaded guilty to misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct: Displaying a weapon.[1][2]

Trujillo received a sentence that included probation.[1]

1998 Harassment

This incident occurred before Trujillo was a police officer.

Response Timeline

Trujillo was charged with misdemeanor harassment.[1]

On September 16, 1996, Trujillo was convicted of misdemeanor harassment.[1]

2005 Misconduct Incidents

Trujillo was involved in several misconduct incidents.[1]

Response Timeline

Trujillo resigned from the Trinidad Colorado Police Department.[1]

2006 Disorderly Conduct

Response Timeline

Trujillo was charged with Disorderly Conduct: Fighting in Public, and Menacing.[1]

Trujillo pleaded guilty to Disorderly Conduct: Fighting in Public.[1]

2006 Welfare Check

On April 19, 2006, officers from the Trinidad Colorado Police Department responded to a report that Trujillo was intoxicated, suicidal, and in possession of multiple firearms.[1]

Response Timeline

The officers confiscated several firearms.[1]

The incident was reported to the Sheriff. No investigation was conducted.[1]

2006 Domestic Violence

Response Timeline

From June 6, 2006 to November 30, 2006, a protection order was in force against Trujillo. A lawyer in the Kenneth Espinosa case believes this order should have prohibited Trujillo from possessing any firearms. Trujillo continued to work for the agency.[1]

2007 Stalking

Trujillo was accused of stalking and physical assault/threat.[2]

Response Timeline

A restraining order was filed against Trujillo.[2]

2009 Harassment

Response Timeline

Trujillo was charged with Harassment: Obscene Language/Gesture, Disorderly Conduct: Offensive Gesture, and Disorderly Conduct: Unreasonable Noise.[1]

Trujillo pleaded guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct.[6]

2014 Assault of Richard Trujillo

Trujillo and his paraplegic brother got into an argument regarding baseball cards. Trujillo chased his brother through town, pulled him from his vehicle, dragged him across a highway, and abandoned him without his wheelchair.[1]

Trujillo charged his brother with eluding.[1]

Response Timeline

The District Attorney dismissed the charges against the brother.[1]

2017 Death of Kristian Martinez

In October 2017, Trujillo and other officers responded to a call of a fire. Officers located Martinez, who they reported was acting suspiciously. Police claim that Martinez attacked the deputies with a pitchfork and Trujillo attempted the use of pepper spray and a Taser. When those were ineffective, Trujillo shot Martinez, killing him.[7][8]

Response Timeline

Trujillo was placed on paid administrative leave.[7]

Las Animas County Colorado Sheriff's Office requested the assistance of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.[7]

Kenneth Espinoza's attorney claimed that no internal investigation was conducted.[1]

2020 Incident with Rosemary Goodman

Response Timeline

On June 15, 2022, Goodman and her boyfriend sued the agency, the county, and the officers, claiming the use of excessive force in violation of state and federal laws.[9][10]

In November 2022, a settlement was reached.[10]

2022 Arrest of Kenneth Espinoza

Response Timeline

On May 5, 2023, Espinoza and his son filed federal civil rights lawsuits against the agency and the officers.[11][1]

On August 25, 2023, the officers were fired for violating agency policies, including inappropriately using a Taser while Espinoza was handcuffed and filing an inaccurate report about the incident.[4]

On March 4, 2024, the county agreed to pay Espinoza $1.5 million to settle his lawsuits.[12]

2023 Road Rage

News report with surveillance video

On June 18, 2023, Trujillo was involved in an off-duty road rage incident with David Romero Jr. that led to a fight.[3][13]

The incident was captured on a surveillance camera.[3]

Response Timeline

The Trinidad Colorado Police Department opened an investigation.[3]

The case was referred to the Third Judicial District Attorney's Office.[3]

Trujillo and Romero were cited for disorderly conduct.[3]

On June 26, 2023, Trujillo was placed on unpaid administrative leave.[3]

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