Todd Graeff

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Service Record

Muhlenberg Township Pennsylvania Police Department

Rank Lieutenant (May 2002)[1]
Dates of Service Hired approximately 1990.[1]
Last Known Status Separated

Manor Township (Lancaster County) Pennsylvania Police Department

Rank Chief
Dates of Service 2007 - October 3, 2022[2]
Last Known Status Terminated[2]

Incident Reports

2003 Ethics Violation

Graeff was pursuing his Masters degree and enrolled in an elective cultural class that was held in Ireland.

On May 13, 2003, Graeff claimed that the class concerned terrorism instruction and filed to be reimbursed by the department.[1]

Graeff filed paperwork that he was in paid training during the trip.[1]

Response Timeline

On June 8, 2006, the department held an investigative hearing.[1]

Graeff was accused of violating the state's Ethics Act.[1]

Graeff stipulated to violating the Ethics Act and agreed to fully repay the state for the tuition and salary.[1]

2022 Indecent Assault

On July 25, 2022, Graeff was attending a law enforcement conference at a resort. While at the resort's water slide, Graeff grabbed the breasts of a female police officer.[2]

On August 18, 2022, the incident was reported to the Pocono Mountain Pennsylvania Regional Police Department.[2]

Response Timeline

In September 2022, Graeff was placed on leave.[3]

On October 3, 2022, Graeff was fired.[2]

On October 13, 2022, Graeff was charged with indecent assault, a second-degree misdemeanor.[2][4]

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