Travis Wolfe

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Service Record

Macon County Illinois Sheriff's Office

Rank Deputy
Dates of Service May 29, 2012 - January 2, 2023.[1]
Salary $63,553 (2021)[2]
Last Known Status Separated

Moweaqua Illinois Police Department

Rank Officer (part time)
Dates of Service August 26, 2014 - January 15, 2015[1]
Last Known Status Separated

Decatur Illinois Police Department

Rank Officer
Dates of Service January 5, 2023 - April 5, 2024[1][3]
Last Known Status Separated


2023 100 Club Valor Award

On April 14, 2023, Wolfe and other officers received a Valor Award from the 100 Club of Illinois for their response during the incident with Jamontey Neal.[4]

Incident Reports

2022 Death of Jamontey Neal

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