George Kister

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Service Record

Agency Jefferson Parish Louisiana Sheriff's Office
Rank Deputy
Dates of Service Ended December 29, 2017[1]
Last Known Status Terminated[1]

Incident Reports

2016 Arrest of Jerman Neveaux

Legal Action

On June 22, 2017, Neveaux filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against more than two dozen officers, alleging excessive force during his arrest that resulted in several injuries and partial blindness in one eye.[2]

2017 Arrest of Ryan Jackson

Department Response

An internal investigation by the Sheriff’s Office cleared the officers of any wrongdoing.[3]

2017 Interaction with Casco Atdner

Department Response

On December 29, 2017, Kister was fired after failing a polygraph examination given by the department in their internal investigation of the incident.[1]

Legal Action

The District Attorney’s office said there was "insufficient evidence" to support criminal charges against Kister.[1]