Aaron Aldridge

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Service Record

Glendale Arizona Police Department

Rank Sergeant
Salary $56,796 (2020)[1]
Last Known Status Pending Retirement

Aldridge filed for Accidental Disability Retirement from the department. His petition was heard in a private session of the Glendale Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement Board on January 22, 2020.[2]


2014 Glendale Police Department Meritorious Unit Citation Award

Aldridge accepted the Meritorious Unit Citation Award on behalf of his unit.[3]

Incident Reports

2014 TV Show "COPS"

Aldridge is referenced in a clip that features another officer.[4]

2018 Arrest of James Hurst

Response Timeline

A spokesperson for the department stated that Glendale police command staff had determined that Aldridge's use of force violated policies. Aldridge was not suspended, but was required to be re-trained on taser and use-of-force policies.[5]

2019 AZ POST Board Review

On November 20, 2019, the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board discussed a case concerning Aldridge, and voted to close it with no action.[6]

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