Andre Vargas

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Service Record

Agency San Antonio Texas Police Department
Rank Officer
Dates of Service Ended June 2020.[1]
Salary $75,558 (2019)[2]
Last Known Status Terminated[1]

Incident Reports

2019 Arrest of Matthew Garza

Response Timeline

Vargas was suspended indefinitely.[3]

In January 2020, Garza filed a complaint against the officers.[3]

Investigators determined that Vargas had used unnecessary force in lifting Garza from the ground and that his use of the taser "far exceeded the reasonable force necessary to accomplish the arrest".[4]

In June 2020, Vargas was fired.[5]

LEO Ratings

Training and Tactics rating: neutral
Protect & Serve rating: neutral
Individual Rights rating: bad
Accountability and Integrity rating: neutral
Off Duty rating: neutral
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