Billy Oliver

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Service Record

Sallisaw Oklahoma Police Department

Rank Lieutenant
Dates of Service Hired in 2007[1]
Salary $72,891 (2020)[2]
Last Known Status Pending Reinstatement[3]

Incident Reports

It was reported that Oliver violated department policy by not documenting the use of a Taser during the arrest of Ethan Branham.[3]

2020 Rape Allegation

In February, 2021, a woman told investigators she was raped repeatedly by Oliver on Nov. 10, 2020.[1]

Response Timeline

Oliver was fired three days after the alleged rape, due to unrelated issues, including the Charles Day incident.[3]

In February, 2021, Oliver was arrested on allegations of Rape by Force or Fear. The Sequoyah County Sheriff's office investigated the charges. A permanent protective order was issued by the District Court.[3][1]

The rape charge against Oliver was dropped in District Court after Oliver argued that he was a member of a federally recognized tribe. The case was been turned over to federal authorities.[3]

2020 Arrest of Charles Day

Response Timeline

June, 2020, Oliver was placed on paid administrative leave.[3]

The city assigned two officers, Capt. Gabbert and Captain Weber, and a detective to investigate charges of policy violations by Oliver.[3]

November, 2020, Oliver was fired based on a number of allegations that included use of excessive force, falsifying arrest reports, failing to report the use of a Taser, not employing his body camera, criticizing the chief, and being in an off-duty fight.[3]

An arbitrator said that, though Oliver "displayed poor judgment," his behavior warranted "severe discipline", and Oliver didn't accept "responsibility for his behavior", the city lacked just cause to fire Oliver.[3]

The city was directed to reinstate Oliver to his previous position but without back pay, benefits, or accumulated seniority. Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton does not agree with the directive of potential reinstatement.[3]

The reinstatement is conditioned on the modification or removal of the protective order that was issued after Oliver's arrest for rape, which prevents Oliver from possessing firearms and ammunition. If the order cannot be modified, the termination would stand.

A hearing on the protective order is scheduled for Oct. 26, 2021. ‎